Adding so much more to leaders, by Nick Roud. Master Certified Executive Coach.

Adding so much more to leaders, by Nick Roud. Master Certified Executive Coach.

In order to help senior executives get results and continue to grow themselves and the organisations they serve, this is a huge advantage I bring to you as your coach.

Look after yourself and each other


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New clients join the family - Roud Career Coaching

Its wonderful to see a raft of new clients join the coaching family.

We have a senior executive just starting a 9 month Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching program, with 8 Head of Departments starting in a couple of months. An individual looking to establish a media company and we have put plans into place, 3 individuals who are about to interview for specific positions and 3 that need there executive cv/linkedIn profile updated.

Nice to see many taking hold of their career and business. Welcome to each and every one of you, I look forward to serving you over the next wee while

Look after yourself, Nick

3 new clients

A fabulous start to the last week of March! 3 New Clients looking to take control and "improve themselves. Each is looking at completely different services. One individual working with me to flash out his CV after many years of not. One individual is working with me as a sounding board as he pushes the limits of new business. One individual is stepping up to first General Manager role, we are working on his personal brand and individual proposition for his company.

Love the world of Coaching and the variety it brings each and every day. Look after yourself.

Nick - Career Coach

Roud Career Coaching