CV - Creative outcome - March 2019

Coaching is my purpose and its what I will be doing for the next 26 years and this is a great example of “why” I get out of bed every single day and work with exceptional individuals.

Everyday my wonderful clients surprise me (in a great way) and it’s a privilege to keep learning myself. Over the last year I have been working with a really cracking man on a number of areas. We recently re created his professional CV.

Yesterday not only did he send final version to me but a link within his cv to a website that he built, what was in his website was amazing. It bought his entire professional career to life along with projects he had led along with outcomes along with a number of other things.

Such a creative and forward thinking way of keeping ahead and not sticking to the norm. To my client. You have given me a lesson on pushing the boundaries and I just love it.

As I close out this very brief note I want to ask anyone who choses to work with me be it on leadership, CV, Interviewing, Business Coaching what ever your topic……

Please, please - Keep not settling and keep pushing all the boundaries.

If you are looking to push your own boundaries and want to work with a coach I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and to see if I can be of support to you. Getting lasting results with you.

Look after yourself and each other.

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