One Week To Go - CV Online Coaching With Nick Roud, Master Certified Executive Coach

Its not everyday you get to say, it’s a first! But right now I can say ITS A FIRST!!!

This time next week Wednesday 9th October, Roud Career Coaching will be hosting our very first online coaching specific course. Specifically focusing in on CV Coaching, I would love you to join me.

Looking over the content that we (you me and 4 others) will go thru you are in for treat. Having helped 100s of individuals create there very own CV Masterpiece its been one hell of a mission to shrink so much valuable stuff into our 1hr 30mins session……(whats the betting we run over time….oh well…)

We have 2 spots left for our Wednesday 9th October session, 3 screen spots left for 6th November and our December session is fully booked.

I look forward to sharing with you my knowledge, thoughts and ideas online.

Look after yourself and each other.

Nick (MCEC)

Master Certified Executive Coach

Roud Career Coaching

‘Unleash Your Most Authentic Self’