High performing leader.

A high performing leader this week asked me one specifc question as he sat down with me in our first session (and I wanted to share with you if that is ok his question). 

Nick, we have agreed to work together over the next 6 months, now how do you help me and where do we begin? 

As your coach - coaching a high potential leader I want you to get results and progress forwards. It is my job to ask questions that make you think (really think) and start to fully understand yourself (this is not alway a comfortable place to be but trust me this is absolutely the place to start.  

As your coach I want you to a) understand and b) really look inside “you” not to focus on outside influences or distractions.  My process is robust and focused - it brings clarity and gets deep!  The outcome is you get the results you want. You need to take ownership.  

Discovery of who you are is where we start. 

Look after yourself and get out of your comfort zone.  

Nick - Coach,

Roud Career Coaching.