The focus is always on "you". Roud Career Coaching

How many times do you put yourself first? When do you make a point of looking after yourself first? How many times a day do you do things for others rather than yourself? 

It is for that reason why sometimes pushing the "stop" button re-checking in with yourself and ensuring you are heading on the right course is part of my coaching business and why I believe that coaching is not for everyone! Please only work with me if you "Want-to Improve" not because your boss says you should or your partner or your best friend.....All I ask from my clients is "you do what you say you will do"

When you work with me we set strategy for your personal development. I develop key milestones that we agree on and ensure you are held to account. As a coach I bring to life any specific "blind spots" that you may not have thought about or considered that I feel could be holding you "back" I will push you forwards (in a nice way!!) at the right speed and the right time to ensure you are getting the most from our relationship. I work with you until you have achieved your objective - there are no simple quick short cuts (sorry).

As I don't work with you every-day I can see things from a different view point and ensure you are progressing. 

I am not a mentor and I do not give you the answers. I am 100% here to help you "improve". 

Looking forward to being of service. 

Nick Roud - Career Coach

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