Its a good day today I welcome our "200th client" - Roud Career Coaching

Today is a fantastic day. I welcome my 200th client to the family. That is 200 individuals who have taken the step "forwards" to improve be it in their career, business or life. What a way to go. Extremely grateful to those who chose to work with me, thank you. 

A couple of days ago I spent the day - working on - my business, putting plans in place for the next financial year. Fundamentally as a Coach my purpose will 100% remain helping those who want to "improve" giving them the support, comfort and results they seek. 

If you are looking at your self and thinking about your career, business or life then get in touch with me on 021375630. I look forward to being of service to you. 

Look after yourself, Nick

Nick Roud - Career Coach

Roud Career Coaching