Nick Roud - Executive Coach, Roud Career Coaching

It is a true privilege and honour to coach people. It is not something I take likely. I am not there to be your best friend or to agree with you. I am there to get you results.

Everyday I get asked to coach and work with individuals but I don’t always agree to work with them. Why? Well as I said its a total privallage and honour to work with people who want to get results, I only work with people who care, people who want to really make a change. As we all know not everyone cares, not everyone really wants to make a change and hence, I don’t coach everyone!

If you are looking to get result then you have me 100% engaged to commit to you and your results. Get in touch, book your time and lets get into it.


Executive Coach & CEO

Roud Career Coaching


Nick is an Executive Coach and is engaged by CEOs, Executives, Leaders and high performing individuals. Over the last 2 years Nick has coach over 300 individuals - 90% of his clients are CEOs, Executives, C-Suite, Leaders and high performing individuals