Keeping the balance by Nick Roud. Executive Coach

Ok, it’s hard to do and very few manage it. Family, friends, work, everyday life is not easy and ensuring you are taking the time to keep across everything sometimes feels like you have to be a circus master. I feel that no matter your position no matter your time in life there is no silver bullet to mastering this. So many tools. So many books. So many peoples views. It’s sometomes the smallest, simplest steps that really help. I remember as a child running around from one thing to the next. Seeing my 2 year old at the weekend just running free with a couple of his mates in the garden and later that evening he just crashed out on the floor totally exhausted by his day of fun. The next morning after a long healthy sleep bang he was back into it. It made me realise that sleep no matter for how long is important. The Spanish I feel have it spot on. An afternoon nap. Surley this is the magic pill. Well I wish you a healthy start to your week. Get some sleep. Take some excersice and grab some fresh air. Keep things in balance and look after yourself.

Nick. Executive Coach. Roud Career Coaching.