Executive Coaching, it is a lonely place being a leader.

Executive coaching gives leaders a place that is first and foremost a safe place to be yourself. A place to unload your concerns, fears, and frustrations without judgment or come back, an executive coach can help you sort through priorities and perspectives to continue your own development in the role you hold. It is a lonely place as a leader and sometimes taking time out to allow a coach to hold the mirror for you can do wonders.

Great leaders never stop developing, just like great sports people!

As an executive coach it is my job to help you be more strategic, more inspirational and a better leader.

Look after yourself.

Nick Roud - Executive Coach & CEO

Roud Career Coaching


Nick is an Executive Coach and is engaged by CEOs, Executives, Leaders and high performing individuals. Over the last 2 years Nick has coach over 300 individuals - 90% of his clients are CEOs, Executives, C-Suite, Leaders and high performing individuals