Thank you & Happy Anniversary - what a fantastic feeling.

Today it's the 1st Sept 2017. Roud Career Coaching is one year old! Thank you so much to those who at the start said "what a fantastic offering go for it" and to those who said "I am out of my depth",  I know you can't please all of the people all of the time!! 

A deep and sincere gratitude to all my individual clients, groups and organisations who continue to turned to me for help and support, be you based here in NZ or other parts of the world. Thank you for all the feedback you send me on how well you are progressing (keep it up....and keep me posted)

The next 365 days is locked and loaded and I can't wait to keep sharing useful information to help you in your career/organisation. 

Personally, I remain extremely grateful to a few people who I turn to for support, advice and guidance #youknowwhoyouarexx" 

Have a fantastic end to the week, look after yourself and those close to you. 

Nick - Roud Career Coaching "1-year-old today :)"

"helping those who want to improve"