Roud Career Coaching - Your personal CV June 2017

I am keen to share useful, relevant information for you. Today, I have pulled together some key areas that will help you build your CV - enjoy

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So, lets get into it. 

  • Be yourself - Don't just copy and paste your Job description.
  • Build an authentic overview - Think about what you truly bring to an organisation remember to try and separate yourself from the rest!
  • Keep it simple - Fonts, layout, style etc. Don't over complicate things
  • Remember your audience - Who are you targeting, a common area that I work on with clients is - finding out who ultimately is reading your CV, how do they normally receive documentation, one size does not fit all
  • Focus on achievements & learnings - Don't take short cuts here 
  • Leaders - what makes you an exceptional leader (not just a Manager)
  • Gaps in your career - explain why
  • Be proud of what you can do- Don't take short cuts - take your time to get it right

Over the last 10 months I have helped 100s of individuals get their CV "market ready" sometimes in life you only get one chance to make that 1st impression.

If you need a different view point get in touch. 

Look after yourselves. Nick

Nick Roud - Career Coach

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