MBTI - awareness does really help!

In my coaching business I use a number of specific tools, one that is proving to be of real benefit to clients is MBTI, better known as Myers-Briggs. It is a personal/confidential assessment that allows you to gain a far deeper understanding of yourself. How you interact with others, why you do things in a certain way etc. As an individual you may be asking your self some hard to answer questions. You may be wanting to get a better understanding of who you are. 

Areas it is helping clients include:

  • Self - understanding 
  • Individual development
  • Team building
  • Management Development 
  • Leadership Development
  • Problem solving & conflict resolution 
  • Career development & exploration
  • Education (on yourself)
  • Relationships

Want to explore more about yourself? Get in touch. 

Nicholas Roud - Roud Career Coaching 021375630

Nicholas Roud - Roud Career Coaching 021375630