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Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching.

Intelligent Leadership (IL) executive coaching has been designed and created by the #1 Executive Coach in the World, John Mattone. John was former coach to Steve Jobs, Roger Enrico, former Chairman & CEO of PepsiCo and hundreds of successful global CEOs and Leaders. IL executive program has been accredited by The International Coach Federation (ICF) and is recognised as one of the premier executive programs in the world. Intelligent Leadership process is a 6-9 month leadership and personal growth journey.

In 2018 it was a huge personal honour to have been hand picked by John and over many months I was trained and personally coached by him. “everyone needs a coach”. Intelligent Leadership Executive Program is for any leader who is authentically passionate about being a better leader! It is specifically for CEOs, Senior Executives, C-Suite Executives, Managing Directors, General Managers, Leaders and High Potential/Performing Individuals. Not everyone is coachable and its an absolute privilege to work with the very best!


Here are just a few benefits based on actual results shown by past clients:

·     You will get a deep insight into what your leadership style is and how to best express it to drive dramatic, breakthrough results for your organisation, your team and above all yourself.

·     You will understand “fully” your leadership strengths or as I like to call them your leadership-gifts. You will also learn specific strategies on how to best leverage them in support of your professional goals and the goals of your organisation

·     You will develop and learn as a leader, actionable, on-the-job techniques, tips and strategies to work on your improvement points. Steve Jobs learned that his greatest gift – his “creativity, artistry and vision” – were also at the root of his most critical weakness. He learned that under significant pressure he had ineffective tendencies to become self-absorbed, individualistic and would sometimes “withdraw” from conflict rather than meet it head-on.

·     You will develop a purposeful “Core Purpose Statement” and actionable “Individual Leadership Development Plan” (ILDP).

·     You will learn techniques for authentically leveraging your network, your stakeholders – managers, peers and employees to help you create and shape your future

·     You will improve as a leader! 100% of the leaders who have been coached using the IL process have improved

Here are just a few triggers of why organisations and leaders work with me:

·      I am achieving but I know there is more “within me”

·     Sometimes I am not great at this or that, I need to and want to be more successful!

·      I know that I am doing the work today successfully but I am not doing my calling!

·      I need to step out of the day to day!

·      I want to understand how to be the very best leader I can be!

·      I am doing good things for my company, for my staff is there more I should be doing!

To arrange time with me to discuss Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching and why you are considering coaching get in touch.


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A podcast with #1 Executive Coach in the World, John Mattone.

Nick Roud, Executive Coach, New Zealand

Nick Roud, Executive Coach, New Zealand

“Now with Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching, New Zealand top executives, leaders and high performing indiviudals have a proven way that you will get measurable results ”

Nick Roud,
Master Certified
Executive Coach, Roud Career Coaching #1 to bring (IL) to New Zealand, Aug 2018
Nick Roud #1 Executive Coach in New Zealand

Nick Roud #1 Executive Coach in New Zealand