One on One with Dion Nash, Owner of Triumph & Disaster on The Nick Roud Podcast.

Today we go global on The Nick Roud Podcast, I get to spend time with Dion Nash, owner of Triumph & Disaster. Between us we have a conversation around all things business, getting started, "the brand", putting it all on the line, getting the right people around you, growing a business from an idea, the fun and the pain. 

Dion brings a calm considered view point from someone who has put his money where his mouth is and given it everything. We hope you enjoy our conversation and it inspires you to "improve" and ultimately, give it a go!

Dion a former professional cricket player for New Zealand "Black Caps" shares his business story and I am deeply honoured to be sharing his story with you. If you are sitting there, contemplating giving it a go, scaling a business up, wanting to take your business to the next level, or even considering taking your first step outside the corporate world,  then l truly hope this gives you the kick to get started. 

(we recorded this in Dions Global HQ in Auckland, we started early, some of the troops came in early and you may hear the coffee machine going, people walking around in the background sorry but we try and keep these raw!)

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