One on One with Rob Campbell, Chairman of The Year and Chair of a number of listed business’s on The Nick Roud Podcast.

Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with Company Director and Chairman, Rob Campbell to discuss everything to do with "Balance". Rob is a fully engaged company Director, he is Chairman of SKYCITY Entertainment Group, Summerset Holding Group, Tourism Holdings Ltd. He is also on the Board of Precient Properties and Chairs WEL Group Networks. He also advises hedge funds and private equity groups both here in New Zealand and around the world. He is in a luxurious position of seeing so many business operate.  In 2017 he was awarded The Deloitte Top 200, Chairperson of the Year and was awarded the New Zealand Shareholders Association (NZSA) Beacon Award for 2017.

Today we jump head long into a topic that for many is both challenging and personal, we are all individuals and "balance" will be different for every single person. Getting it right takes time, takes planning and above all can take you outside your comfort zone if you are willing to give it a go!

Find a comfortable place, allow yourself to recreate your unique space and enjoy the journey. 

Really hope you enjoy our frank, open and fun conversation.

Look after yourself and those you care about.

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Like Rob, I have some amazing guests coming onto the show over the next year.

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