What is important to you?

On the surface it seems such a trivia question doesn’t it, what is important to you? Very rarely are we as humans truly able to articulate the answer.

Let’s look at this another way if we can.

How many times a day, a week, a month do you work on “other peoples important matters”! It’s not surprising therefore how “busy” everyone seems to be. Are you busy or are you just being busy with other people’s stuff?

Everyday as employees or business owners we all fall into the trap of doing stuff that others need or want us to do, because it’s important to them.

Some things that might at least start to focus your mind to ensure those things that are important to you gets done.

  • Do you allow routine into your daily routine?

  • How often do you politely say “No” to others?

  • When considering your important jobs or tasks how often do you make a simple list 1-10?

  • How many times a day do you lose focus on what you had intended to do and spend the next few hours drifting from one thing to another?

  • When you do start important things how many times do you get interrupted?

To me first and foremost it starts with you. You can control all the above and yes you are allowed 100% to ensure you are doing what is important to you

Over the next couple of days or week try looking at the above few pointers and start to take action.

Small steps can lead to massive shifts.

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