I am thrilled to be launching something "new and Helpful today.

Introducing something new to you all today. Something that a few of us have been planning and working hard on for many months. 

Welcome to The Nick Roud Podcast. 

Aimed at those of us who want to "improve"

Each week I have the pleasure of sitting down with interesting owners of business, leaders and managers. Those who have done exceptional things in their chosen career. Together we share and part knowledge that we hope you, the listener gets a great deal from. My podcasts are totally free to you and last 30-50mins. Feel free to share, to like and help me spread the word where ever you are in the world, everybody is welcomed here. Any questions, thoughts or ideas send them to me, nick@roudcareers.co.nz

Look after yourself and those you care about. 

Nick - 021375630