One on One with The Everyday Executive on The Nick Roud Podcast

Today I am delighted to welcome onto The Nick Roud Podcast "The Everyday Executive" I hope to get him on throughout the year to discuss specific topics. A bit about my guest. He has led teams 3 - 900, worked locally here in New Zealand and around the World. He works closely with Boards, Business Owners and teams and has faced a number of interesting challenges across his career. 

 Our conversation covers many areas:

  • ways to take a step back and look at the bigger picture

  • moving from one industry to another

  • getting the best from yourself (and your team/s)

  • ways to slow down and hit the pause button

  • making time to do things, the right things

  • clarity on "why", why do we do what we do

  • moving from manager to leader and building trust

  • presenting to Boards and teams

We hope you enjoy our first podcast - sorry for any errors on sound (I will continue to improve this before our next episode) If you have any questions feel free to email me Feel free to subscribe on iTunes and help me grow this free community. 

Look after yourself, Nick 

Nick Roud - Roud Career Coaching