The demand and pressure for change across organisations has never been greater. Companies strive for greater results as a group, but what about your individual needs? In recognition to this I have launched Monthly one-on-one coaching.

To me, monthly coaching is about “unlocking your potential” across a year There are no quick fixes in business - it can be a lonely place. But my one-on-one coaching gives professionals, business owners, leaders and managers that vital external “sounding board”.

We meet in person, or via technology, agree time period and outcomes. Each session is for around one hour and we meet once a month for a year.

I also supplement individual coaching with useful books and tools that will continue to develop you.

Investment is $4,800.00 for the year + GST (NZ Dollars). Paid in 4 equal instalments.

Individual Monthly Coaching allows you to work with me regularly as your “sounding board”.

Nick Roud, Master Certified Executive Coach

“one-to-one coaching, is the most powerful way to develop yourself”

Nick Roud - Master Certified Executive Coach