Nick Roud, Executive Coach. Roud Career Coaching

Nick Roud, Executive Coach. Roud Career Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executives, leaders high potential individuals don’t want to invest in coaching, they want to invest in getting results.

As the only Master Certified Executive Coach in New Zealand that delivers the Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching program, I couldn’t agree more. Results are what I deliver - discernible, noticeable differences in performance.

Executive Coaching is not “tell you what to do and you go do it”, that is mentoring. Executive Coaching is about working with you in an environment that allows you to really think inwardly, so that results show externally.

“Executive Coaching is for those who are CEOs, Executives, Leaders and Managers”

Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching - with Nick Roud - Master Intelligent Leadership Certified Executive Coach, at Roud Career Coaching.  

Steve Jobs, Roger Enrico (former Chairman & CEO of PepsiCo) along with hundreds of other highly successful global CEOs have all partnered with John Mattone, the world #1 authority on executive coaching, and profited from the 6-9 month “immersive” leadership and personal growth journey.

It’s the same journey I can take you on to unlock and unleash your full leadership potential.

Our Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Program has been accredited by The International Coach Federation (ICF) and is seen as one of the premier executive coaching programs in the world.

Great leadership starts with you. To understand more contact me.