Offered to professionals looking to take control of their career. Together we discuss where you are now and where you want to be. Using my proprietary tools *Personal Development Plan and Career Trajectory Plan, we work closely over a few months to put in place your future professional plan and then how to action it. We meet in person, or via technology, twice a month for a couple of hours.

  • CV Coaching

    • Offered to professionals who want to create their own professional “CV” not a template.

  • Interview Coaching

    • Offered to professionals who want to be “interview” ready. For best results 3 face-to-face sessions - 1 hour each, although we can also work via zoom if necessary.

  • LinkedIn Coaching

    • Offered to professionals who need and want to showcase themselves online.

CV Coaching.

Every single day around the world, hundreds and thousands of individuals send their CV in the hope of getting a job! Organisations, hiring managers, search firms and recruitment agencies are constantly looking at attracting the very best talent. Fundamentally it all begins with your CV! This document may well be your first point of contact with a potential hiring manager or recruiter. So getting it right is extremely important to your chances of landing the interview.  

Presenting yourself to those that may want to hire your professional services doesn’t need to be hard or complicated.

A questions to think about, if you are answering (no) you might want to take control and make contact with me. Is your CV getting you interviews?

If you answered ‘No’ you might want to take control and make contact with me, I have helped so many.

Over the course of approximately three sessions, each lasting one hour, we will create your bespoke CV that enhances your chances of getting that interview.

Cost for CV Coaching is $500.00 + GST (NZ Dollars)

Interview Coaching.

Walking into a room to meet a person you’ve never met before is not easy. That person will be assessing you, your fit with the organisation and team, your skills, your communication, your personality etc.

Over the course of 3-4 sessions, each lasting an hour and thirty minutes, we’ll discuss and plan for you:

  • Screening or Telephone Interview.

  • Individual Interview.

  • Video Interview (Skype or Zoom etc).

  • Small Group or Committee Interview (sometimes called panel interview).

  • The Second or Third Interview.

  • Behavioural - Based Interview.

  • Task Oriented or Testing Intervies.

  • Coffee Interviews.

Ultimately we are looking to enhance your chances of being offered the position.

Cost is $400.00 per hour + GST (NZ Dollars)

Roud Career Coaching continues to get results!  

A well written CV should grab the attention
of interested
parties. A well prepared Interview should give you the confidence to be the person you want to be”

Nick Roud, Master Certified Executive Coach