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Welcome to the specific areas of my coaching business.

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Executive Coaching Program

Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). This executive leadership program is for, CEO’s, C-Level Executives, Managing Directors. Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching is about unlocking and unleashing your leadership talent so you benefit, your stakeholders benefit and your organisation benefits.

Nick Roud is a “Master Intelligent Leadership Certified Executive Coach #1 in New Zealand”

Monthly Coaching

If the words “sounding board” resinate with you then this monthly coaching service is just for you. Offered to professionals, business owners, leaders and managers that need an external “sounding board”. We meet in person or via technology once a month for a couple of hours. Supplemented by useful books and tools that will help you along the way. My research has shown for best results a min of 6 months works - each monthly session is for 1hr 30mins.

Individual Career Coaching

Offered to professionals looking to take control of your career. Together we discuss the now and the future. Using my proprietary tools *Personal Development Plan and Career Trajectory Plan we work closely over a few months to put in place your future professional plan and then to action it. We meet in person or via technology twice a month for a couple of hours.

  • Interview Coaching

    • Offered to professionals who want to be “interview” ready. For best results 3 face to face sessions work - 1 hour each. Can be done via Zoom.

  • CV Coaching

    • Offered to professionals who want to create their own professional “CV” not a template.

  • LinkedIn Coaching

    • Offered to professionals who need and want to showcase themselves online.

Research & Insights

Here you can find so many free blogs, podcasts, articles and insights that have been shared to thousands of people around the world. My purpose “to help you improve”. Each month I try my best to write 2500+ words on a variety of professional leadership topics. No paywall, no subscriptions, no sign up now. Just free (and always will be free) Enjoy!


As a Master Certified Coach I’m certified to deliver key specific leadership tools & programs. These results focused tools have each been hand picked by me for you. These leadership tools and programs can be worked on either online, face to face or via workbooks. I have created two powerful online tools that are getting results for individuals, these are your Personal Development Plan and your Career Trajectory.

  • Personal Development Plan a powerful personal career development tool. It focuses on you, focuses on your now and your future! It will not only support you're thinking but will keep the focus when judgement may get blurb.

  • Career Trajectory a tool to pen out your very own high level career journey!

As your coach we work together, in total confidence, putting your needs first. My aim is simple to get results with you.”
Nick Roud, Executive Coach
  • Background to partnering with Nick;

    • A trusted coach that gets results with you.

    • Coached over 480 individuals (as at April 2019)

    • 94% of clients working with me are senior executives (as at June 2019)

    • A coach not a mentor.

    • 100% confidentiality guarantee.

    • Master Intelligent Leadership Certified Executive Coach #1 In New Zealand.