So nice to meet you.

First and foremost a husband to Nicola and dad to Louie & Willow.

me, reading stories to our kids, Willow and Louie. Not sure who has more fun!

me, reading stories to our kids, Willow and Louie. Not sure who has more fun!

Everyday single day I get to serve my core purpose, partnering leaders to become even greater than they ever thought possible.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t!

At I think the age of 8, I was diagnosed with Dyslexia which is basically a difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, I call it the best gift I will ever receive (apart from my wife and kids….) why, because it allows me to see things differently. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I started Roud Career Coaching because I had more to give to the world we all live in. Fast forward to today and 94% of the clients who engage with me are CEOs, Senior Executives, Directors, Managing Directors, General Managers and high potential individuals. The 3 main areas to my professional coaching business include; Executive Coaching, Monthly Coaching and Career Coaching.

I am the only Master Certified Coach in New Zealand who can deliver Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Program, the 6-9 month executive leadership program designed by John Mattone. It was an honour to have been hand-picked by John Mattone #1 Executive Coach in the world and be personally trained and coached by him. Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Program has been accredited by The International Coach Federation (ICF) “the gold standard in coaching.

“I am an executive coach, highly trained to get results with you”
Nick Roud

Executive Summary (so far)

The now

  • Owner - Executive Coach (New Zealand) Roud Career Coaching

  • Master Certified Executive Coach - Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching. #1 Executive Coach in New Zealand, John Mattone (accredited by The International Coach Federation ICF)

  • Certified - CPI 260, CPP Asia Pacific

  • Certified - MBTI Practitioner (Myers Briggs), CPP Asia Pacific

  • Podcast - The Nick Roud Podcast

The past

  • Owner - Search & Recruitment Company (New Zealand)

  • Manger - Global Organisation (London)

  • Auditor - Global Chartered Accounting Firm (London)

I am married to Nicola and live in New Zealand with our two wicked children, Louie and Willow. I moved here in June 2006 and have been helping professionals ever since. A keen endurance athlete, I have also completed in a number of Ironman events.

You can find my offices (a 20ft shipping container) on the front of my home on Auckland’s North Shore, and you can contact me on the number or email below.

“Great leadership, starts with you”

Look after yourself and each other,