You’ll probably notice the comma in the heading.

There’s a good reason why it’s not a full stop.

It represents a pause, a hiatus, a breather - the very moment in a career when you, as a leader within a company, take stock and look at where you are and where you’re going. In my experience it can be life changing, not just for you but for a whole lot of people. And chances are, you’re reading this now because you’re at that precise moment.

My name is Nick Roud and I coach individuals, specifically leaders of today and tomorrow. 94% of my clients are CEOs, C-Suite Executives, Managing Directors, General Managers and those identified as high potential/performing individuals (as at 1st Sept 2019).

All of them share one thing in common however, the desire to partner with me to be a better leader.

It goes without saying that working with an external coach is not for everyone. It takes courage and vulnerability to really improve, like all great sports stars who are at the very top of their sport, seeking out a coach at the right time for the right occasions helps them significantly improve. They know it because they win more close matches. I know it because I see the difference I make to the people who walk through my doors.

In 2018 it was a huge honour to be personally picked, trained and coached by John Mattone #1 Executive Coach in the world. John coached the late Steve Jobs and many global CEOs just like him, using an executive leadership program he called Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching. Since then I have refined this program for our local market, and become the only Master Intelligent Leadership Certified Executive Coach in New Zealand.

The Intelligent Leadership Executive Program has been accredited by The International Coach Federation (ICF). I run the program over a 6-9 month period and it will improve your leadership.

These are places where some of my clients work.

Snap-shot of clients who work with me

Snap-shot of clients who work with me

In addition to this I offer my professional coaching services free of charge to the pro bono program of the ICF (The International Coach Federation - I am not a member) and to the Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand (a gift I have had since the age of 8).

In 2017 I launched The Nick Roud Podcast (a free podcast) where I have the pleasure of sitting down with truly exceptional individuals who are taking leadership to a whole new level. Take a listen to:

Download via iTunes or just listen here on our website, thanks

Download via iTunes or just listen here on our website, thanks

Guest who have joined me have included,

  • Rob Campbell - Chairperson of The Year 2017,

  • Dion Nash - Owner of Triumph & Disaster,

  • Hannah McQueen - Owner of EnableMe,

  • Richard Briggs - CEO Hamilton City Council,

  • Gerry Lynch - CEO Delmaine Fine Foods

  • The Everyday Executive - real life career stories

  • John Mattone - Former Coach to Steve Jobs and many global CEOs and Senior Executives

    The Nick Roud Podcast

Thanks again for visiting, take a look around and if you would like to get on with your leadership coaching journey get in touch.

Look after yourself and each other!








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